11 things I no longer believe about the corporate world

Maybe your parents had a blue collar job, or they were artists, or veterinarians, or veterans. Maybe they thought corporate America is the root of all evil, the devil, or everything that is wrong with the world.

This is a cop-out.

Even if you're more inclined to work in a start-up or the creative world, you can still do corporate. I've spent over 10 years "in it", and figured out how to make it work, and even thrive.

Here are 11 things I used to believe about the corporate world:

  1. Working more than 40 hours will get you ahead.
    Working long hours means something is wrong, either with staffing or your efficiency, figure out the holes. That will get you ahead.
  2. Quantity over quality.
    Focus on the task at hand so you produce quality work that requires little to no rework will make everyone happier.
  3. Corporate America is evil. 
    This is an easy judgment to make. It's not evil, it provides you all the things.
  4. It's your identity.
    Having interests outside of work will make your work better.
  5. All corporations suck.
    They don't. Keep your eye open for good ones, I did.
  6. You have to say YES to everything. 
    If you respect your boundaries, other's will too. Having the guts to say you're not the right person for the job is better than cobbling your way through something that doesn't align with your goals.
  7. You need to be the first one there and the last one out.
    See #1, if you're at work this long, something is off. Have a life outside of the office.
  8. Working through lunch is essential. 
    Taking a break, even if it's too cold to go outside, just walk around, visit some colleagues or stare out the window. You'll come back to work with new ideas.
  9. Sitting with a problem until I figure it out is the only way.
    There's a better way, do something else, take a creativity break - listen to music, take a walk, doodle, write a poem. Solutions present themselves in the shower, remember?
  10. I need a mentor. 
    A mentor is a great thing to have and can provide oodles of inspiration, but forcing someone to fit into the mentor role who isn't quite right for you isn't doing anyone any favors.
  11. There's no room for creativity. 
    I used to think that creative and work were two separate beasts. Creativity was stuff you did in your spare time, if at all. I learned that creativity breeds innovation at work, find a way to marry the two.

What do you no longer believe about the corporate world?