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Copywriter, strategist, and coach for business owners who want to sound human. Unfussy, unstoppable, completely relatable copy.

And no more wondering, “what do I write this week?”

You’re supposed to be writing a blog post today and you’re staring at a blank page. Or, you promised you’d write your script for your YouTube channel or your next podcast episode.

The blinking cursor is taunting you.

You know you’re supposed to share new content weekly, but what the heck do you have to say? Hasn’t it all been said already?

You know creating fresh content is important, also, you promised your fans weekly updates. Or maybe you’re just starting out and you have no idea where to start.

You feel like you’ve got nothing—No ideas, no content, nothing worth saying.

You HAVE NOTHING TO SHARE and Your social media feed sits naked for another week.

How can you share something of value with your prospects when you’re sitting there, stuck?

You’re an expert at what you do, you’ve got the street cred, and you want kickass content that will show this off.

The pressure is too much.

Besides, you’ve got a business to grow.

You’re ready to have so many new content ideas that your biggest challenge will be to just choose one.

You’re ready to share your blog, podcast, or videos with your target clients, drive traffic to your website, and start meaningful conversations with people who want to work with you.


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You have nothing to write about

  • You're struggling each and every week to come up with something exciting or helpful to say

  • You avoid writing copy like nobody’s business

  • Creating content takes forever and your writing feels rambly and boring

  • Everyone on your email list is going to unsubscribe once they realize you’re a fraud


Imagine sitting down each week and know exactly what content to create.



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I'm Jacq

I’m here to help you do just that.

I’m a intuitive copywriter, content strategist, and coach for business owners who want to sound human but don’t know what the heck to say.


Once you get 52 content ideas for your business:

  • Your readers and dream clients will fall madly in love with you

  • You’ll finally feel confident when pitching your services

  • You’ll find the right clients – the ones that make you excited to get up in the morning

  • You’ll sit down to blog each week and know exactly what you’re going to write about

  • Your weekly content indecision will completely disappear 


52 Shades of Content includes:

  • A partially clothed Q&A – You’ll answer some questions in an online form. This will give you super helpful insights as you zone in on your content creation voice and position yourself to build your online presence. You’ll probably learn a few things about yourself too.

  • Content strategy session – We'll jam on where you've found yourself stuck in content creation in the past, your industry expertise, and chat about a content creation strategy to turn you into a content generating machine all year round. 

  • A friendly internet-stalking – in a totally non-creepy, non-50 shades way. With all the links and information you provide me, I’ll creep on all your online profiles.

  • Content Ideas for Days – 52 punchy and witty content titles custom made just for you in your field of expertise. I’ve generated hundreds of blog ideas for dozens of clients. That’s one for every week of the year! 

  • A Content Calendar to Keep You On Track – Now that you have a year’s worth of content ideas, you need somewhere to keep them organized. I’ll get your content creation efforts off to a running start.

You can finally create consistent content and grow your body of work.

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Investment: $1100

Completely get rid of content-indecision for less than 25-bucks a week.

Yes please!

Now accepting applications. 


Let’s get creating!

Are you interested in working with me? Excellent! Here’s how to apply:


Step 1

Click here to answer a few questions. Within 24 hours of answering, you’ll get an email from me confirming your details with any additional questions, instructions for payment, and to set up our content strategy session.

Step 2

After our 60-minute content strategy session, and within 2 business days, you’ll go to the spa, get a latte, or sip champagne while I put my head down and give you at least 52 content ideas. Then, you’ll pop open your inspiration-filled content list, and choose your favorites.

Step 3

You’ll get a completely ordered list (don't worry, you can change the order as you please) and a simple plan for sharing and repurposing all that content for the next year. Then we'll spend 60 minutes focused on your content strategy for the upcoming year. You publish your shiny new content every week, sit back and revel in your 52 shades of badassery. More champagne.


Have questions?  Email me at


My clients are 52 shades of cool - here's what they said about this experience:

(in all caps)
OMG, I am literally crying. These are so wonderful!
I just came in my pants.*